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someone who keeps buying books to add to a stack of unread books
I have no more room for books on my shelves, but I keep buying new ones. I'm a bookaholic. Well, it's a fairly inexpensive, fairly harmless obsession.
by Una Malachica March 05, 2008
someone who has a strong passion for and desire to read all the time, or someone who has a strange fettish for books
Hey sally, who is that weird kid over in the corner?

Sally: Oh that's just tim. He doesn't talk to anyone much though, he's a bookaholic.
by ChipsButterfly March 19, 2009
some people only study study study
maybe only books in his/her life
maybe he/she does't has any friends
maybe he/she collects a kind of different books
Mary is bookaholic,because she likes to go to the library to lend books.
by Martina Chen May 21, 2012
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