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To be booghetto is to be living in an upper middle class situation yet still retaining "ghetto" tendencies.
He is booghetto cuz he shops at banana republic but buys socks from costco.

The b00ghetto people were taken to the party in the limo and on the way they stopped for some kfc.
by Dina October 27, 2003
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Looking throwed or Just plain GHETTO.
Dammn! Look at Russel's Hiar, It's lookin' Boo'ghetto today, I mean damn!
by Jennifer (BusH HiGH) November 10, 2002
That is jacked up!!!
What Raeshawn did is booghetto
by Chow Mein October 03, 2003
Pronounced the same as boughetto. Adj. A combination of the words ghetto and booty. The property of having a ghetto booty, i.e. rotund and attractive, though large, hindquarters, particularly in a female.
Check out that girl, she is so booghetto.
Christy's butt is booghetto.
by Heiney Lover April 05, 2006

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