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1. n. Self-reference used when one claims deserved respect. (see example 1)

2. v. To dance; to shake one's groove thang. To excel at ones intended next task. (see example 2)

3. adj. Excellent; great. (see example 3)

4. adv. Excellently; greatly. (see example 4)

5. int. An exclamation of elation; hurrah. (see example 5)
1. Aww, don't go messin' 'round with boogeydown!

2. It is most definitely time to boogeydown!

3. Homeboy's got some boogeydown skillz.

4. I'm doing quite boogeydown; and you?

5. Boogeydown! L33t h4x0r pwned y00!
by Boogeydown Brown November 08, 2004
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