a swift punch (a left or right hook) to the nose, sometimes causing boogers to fly out.
I really want to booger hook that bitch Kenisha for farting in my prescence.
by Kendrick5050 April 23, 2006
Top Definition
(n.)A sharp back-handed slap of the hand, done with the index or index and middle finger extended, as if flinging a booger.

(v.) To boogerhook somebody.

boogerhooked boogerhooking

Neil boogerhooked Janice for pinching his scrotum.
by Blenderhead71 February 10, 2007
Also referred to as booger hooking. It is the forceful placement of two fingers inside someone’s nose, then dragging him or her to a destination (usually, 'Frisco', Detroit or Cincinnati)
I'm gonna booger hook your ass strait back to detroit
by Cat fish October 30, 2007
When one has long finger nails or has finger nails that curve down.
Get away from me woman with them booger hooks!
by Austin Vaught November 02, 2010
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