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A generally tacky black person (or Wiger). Usually old school pimp style in current time.
(1) Dude, that car is Boogedy !! (not good)

(2) Man, fix that right ! Don't be a Boogedy !!

(3) Ya, nice jacket you Boogedy !
by Bobby "the bat" Pizano June 03, 2011
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meaning bad in some sort of funny looking
she got a boogedy grill yo.


shes boogedy
by Bangnblonde64 May 18, 2006
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n. - 1. ugly; unattractive 2. adverse; negative
That's a boogedy chick right there, yo!

This is a boogedy situation, kid!
by "Cool Aaron" Taylor October 26, 2007
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