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A song written by Ringo Starr when he was stoned off his rocker
Still a funny song lol
"Back off Boogaloo I said back off boogaloo"
another name for the scum of the earth, the juggalos
Boogaloos! Boogaloos! Boogaloos!
by fewiofnel June 19, 2008
It's by default a slang word mainly used among French-Canadian living in the province of Quebec to define all sloppy, dirty, oily, smelly and poor black Afro Canadian. Boogaloo usually drives very dirty, rusty and shitty color foreign cars such as rown or beige old Nissan or purple Toyota's. What we do call "A piece of shit car". They will not care when changing lanes or don't care if they hit you
Look at that fuckin' boogaloo!!

Oh look at that piece of shit car.. It must be a boogaloo driving that
by xecuter October 26, 2007
A slut
She is a great softball player, but kind of a boogaloo, so I'd be careful.
by SpicySlam May 20, 2009
Sweet,cute, and irrisistable Little boy! (Nick Name)
There is only one Boogaloo.
by SH April 22, 2005