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Any form of partying. i.e. drinking, smoking, sexing.
Hey... you gonna get boofie on Thursday night with me?" "YEAH! I can't wait to get boofie
by Party Pat May 11, 2011
A selfie containing mostly boobs
Jalen took a boofie, she is a total slut.
by Spkunger December 06, 2014
The act of taking a selfie with your buttocks as the main focus.
Chanel: "Hey Trina did you send Daquan and booty selfie?"

Trina: "ya mean a boofie? Hell yeah girl!"

Professor: "have you students heard of boofies?"
Student: "why? Are your students sending you some? ;)"
by Killadeed0g March 30, 2015
Friend or best friend; someone you fuck shit up with; males can be referred to as boofer
Is Susan your girlfriend? No that's just my boofie
by hahathatsme January 13, 2015
"he took a big boofie and didn't even flush the toilet!! It looked like a fish."
by tooter March 19, 2003
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