The bulge of fat/skin that protrudes atop and hangs over, the waistband on a woman wearing mom jeans. Similar to a muffin top, only approx 3 inches higher. Just below the boobs, creating a shelf for the boobs to rest upon.
Wow, look at the muffin top on that girl!! No, that isn't a muffin top, Tori, its a boob shelf. She is wearing mom jeans after all!!!!!!
by Creedem June 28, 2009
Top Definition
A large set of breasts that stick out far beyond the body, so that the woman who owns them can not see her feet. A boobshelf often catches spilt food, leaving stains on clothing, often along the cleavage line. Boobshelves can be useful for laying plates while scooping food into your mouth or resting books for comfortable reading.
My boobshelf is so big, it hangs over the table when I eat. I am constantly cleaning food stains off of my shirts because of my boobshelf.
by Michella Bella Donatella April 28, 2006
The semi-horizontal space created by the top-side of boobs; depth and slope determined by cup size and perkiness.

NOT Boob Shelf.
"When she eats chips, she gets a lot of crumbs on her boob shelf", or "When I sit in my recliner, my kitten likes to nap on my boob shelf."
by Chicadee February 18, 2011
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