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What most girls call their breasts.
And of course he was staring at my boobs!

Don't bump into me, my boobs are aching today.

I don't know if I should show off my boobs at this event or not.

Is that a boy or a girl? I don't see any boobs..

I don't like those breast pumps, they hurt my boobs. I'd rather just breast-feed even when it's inconvenient.
by Hobyx January 07, 2007
If you have seen one pair, you want to see them all
"I just got to see Janets boobs, I can't wait to see more"
by Jijjii June 28, 2009
Proof that there is a god.
Boobs are proof that god loves us and wants us to be happy.
by Ferret Tamer January 16, 2011
1: Lumps of squishy gooodness.

2: Fun
by Wabbie July 10, 2008
Big,juicy,beautiful things usually found on women but occasionally on men.
Her boobs were SO big!
by Zabnis March 03, 2007
The part of a female body that hurts a lot when it's hit.
*football kicked*
OUCHH!! My boob *sniff*
2 minutes later 'can you stand up now? sorry'
Yeah, *sniff* that hurt so much.
by Nicole Lopez June 06, 2006
Round, bouncy are big. Juicy and fun to play with in bed, good for getting milk and for sucking on the tit. My girlfriend's boobs are so massive, I love playing with them and sucking on them.
I love touching my Boobs.
by Dude December 05, 2004