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like when a small child doesnt get what he wants....except a full grown man. When your bottom lip folds over simular to the puppy dog face except not as convincing. Much more pathetic.
"hey can you install this radio into a bmw?" -response- "I dont want to do that for nothing" -followed by- booboolip
by NICK B October 08, 2004
boo boo lip another example
you got windshield washer fluid in my fucking eye!! followed by-booboolip
by NICK B October 11, 2004
When someone has herpes on their lips.
Bro be careful macking or goin down on ratchet hoes, you goin get boo-boo lip.
by h.s.c.413 November 18, 2013
A caucasion person, one who has african american like lips. Typically large, maybe slightly poof like.
"Did you see the boo boo lips on that chick!?" *she turns her back to them* "her momma must be black.. look at the booty to match!!"
by The walking naughty =-o! July 07, 2005

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