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When the breasts resemble a loaf of bread (i.e are not visible as two distinct breasts).

Often occurs due to ill-fitting clothing that constricts the breasts.

Common terminology within the "lolita" fashion.
Lolita A: "That girl is wearing a dress that is too small for her. Look at that ugly boobloaf! How unflattering!"
Lolita B: "People should learn to dress to suit their body type".
by rococomaiden March 16, 2010
when a woman wears a sports bra and the two boobs smoosh together to form a boobloaf.
I saw Amy at the gym and she had a boobloaf
by tyler nicolas July 04, 2006
The condition of one's breasts fitting in such a way that they look like they have melded into one big loaf across the chest. Similar to a sports bra's look, it smooshes the breasts together and flattens them into a loaf shape. It is typically considered unsightly and undesirable.
Ugh, that girl needs a better bra or something. Just look at her boob loaf!
by Chosso December 28, 2011
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