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The ultimate dork. Someone who says or does something so oddly funny that there's no other valid explanation for it.
Why did you say you love lamp? That's not even a witty, valid response. You're such a boobhead, Dave.
by nosebreaker February 22, 2010
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a person who is 'uncool' but thinks they are cool. generally dress in polo shirts, caps up high on their head, sneakers.
look at that guy, what a boob-head!
by Rayc.h April 03, 2009
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James is a righteous boob-head
by billy1234567890 October 25, 2006
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idiot, moron, loggerhead, dumbbell
James is a boob-head.
by billy1234567890 October 26, 2006
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Now retired superhero whose uniform consisted of her usual roxy and billabong outfit, play a bra on her head. She uses her immense sexiness to bring men (especially Jimmys) to their knees. Great ass, fantastic boobs, gorgeous face with amazing eyes and a perfect nose, and a craziness that will confuse you before you know what's going on.
"Did Boobhead just run passed?"

"I think so, I have an erection too!"
by Jimmy October 07, 2004
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A procedure where a breast implant is used under the scalp to stretch the skin. Usually performed on young girls that grow up to entice older men to fall in love with them.
When Olivia was 3, she used her Boobhead to seduce a boy 14 years older than her. 20 years later it still had that boy in its grips.
by JB August 15, 2004
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