A person you care for a lot. A boyfriend or girlfriend. Someone you love.
Not just lust or physical love, but emotional love. Like a longterm partner.

i love my boo
by Emily72 July 21, 2008
A term of endearment and affection used to identify your perfect counterpart. Your "boo" is extremely complementary to your own personality, and is always willing to take on any adventure with you, without hesitancy. Always there for you, one can never become sick of their "boo." Times together are a good time to be had by all, and times apart come with a significant void that can only be filled by 1 person - your boo.
Boo 1: Damn I miss my Boo.
Boo 2: Don't worry, we'll get some Boo to the Two time on again soon.
Boo 1: I hope so, I need everything I do to be fun again. As long as I'm with my Boo nothing can ever be lame.
by bernice jacobson October 02, 2009
1.someone that you like/love; girlfriend/boyfriend
2.someone of the opposite sex that has the potential to be hubby/wifey material; not quite boyfriend/girlfriend yet
3.could also be a friend or particular person you like
1. "I'm on the phone with my boo!!"
2. "Girl I got me a new boo!!"
3. Person 1: "Hey girl!"
Person 2: "Hey boo!"
by indianb3@utii09 March 29, 2008
A Boo is a type of ghost featured in Mario video games. Boos made their first appearance under the name of "Boo Diddly"(a play on Bo Diddley an early R&Bguitarist) in Super Mario Bros. 3 and was virtually invincible to all attacks with the exception of the Starman and the Hammer Bros. Suit.
"The Boo's in Paper Mario are soooooo cute!"
by TheBlackMew September 06, 2006
A small spherically shaped ghost that is only visable when your back is turned.
Mario tried to kill the boo, but every time he turned around to hit it, it vanished.
by naveregnide May 22, 2007
one of the most annoying things a ditzy girlfriend will call her boyfriend.
Girl's Twitter: OMG I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE MY BOO!!!! <33
Rest of the world: Shut the fuck up!
by Erin_12_22 October 10, 2009
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