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Boo boo and boo typically don't have the same meaning. boo boo can refer to:

1) (noun) a mistake, usually a small one, but humorously a large mistake.
2) (noun) a small injury such as a cut or a bruise, used for children but humorously used for adults as well.
3) (verb; noun) the act of defecation (going poo), or the poo itself.
4) (adjective) general unattractiveness, lack of quality or badness.

Because of it is a relatively simple and humorous sounding word, it may have many more colloquial meanings within families, friends or groups.
1) Jeffrey dropped a plate and it broke, he made a boo boo.

2) Timmy fell off his bike and got a boo boo, he ran home to mommy so she could kiss it and make it better.

3) "Lets stop at the next restroom we find. I gotta go boo boo"


"I made a stinky boo boo!"

4) "Have you seen Duane's new car?" "Haha yea, that shit is boo boo!"
by Laqueshus June 05, 2009
90 99
1 The name of someone you care about,like a child or your man
2 a name a girl will call yah if you say sumthin she think is wrong
1 Hey boo-boo, i missed you!; Look at dat lil boo boo rite dea, she is so cute
2 Uh-uhhh boo boo you wrong fa dat one
by Mimi August 21, 2004
1211 788
A injury, a word used to describe an injury usually used around younger children.
baby: MOMMY I HAVE A BOO BOO! *crys*
mother: Alright honey I will get a bandaid.
by ll4m4 June 08, 2005
914 698
A BooBoo is a buzzy and loveable bear who adores you no matter what and makes you feel like your life is just beginning
I love you BooBoo, miss you already
by Molz September 29, 2005
354 189
As in my Love, Cute Nickname For someone
Hi Booboo How are you today baby.?
by Christy SP October 15, 2008
233 84
1. A child's term for an injury, usually something minor, like a scrape or bruise.

2. That annoying little cohort of Yogi Bear's.

3. My cat.
1. "Mommy, I fell off my bike and got a boo-boo!"

2. "Heeey, Boo-Boo!"

3. "Boo-Boo, get off the table!"
by Loki July 02, 2003
240 109
A silly mistake that you make!
Oh darling i made a boo boo!
by Nikkk July 10, 2005
572 444
1. an injury. Considered a childish term.
"Do you have a booboo on your knee?"
by Ballhead February 26, 2006
210 119