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Sunglasses fitted with bright pink glass,mainly worn by untalented pop-artists of the homosexual persuation. Wearing this accessory for prolonged periods of time can have serious psychological bieffects on the wearer, such as wrongly comparing yourself to the Beatles, the perception that you have deep knowledge in subjects far beyond the limits of the pop-artists feeble mind and deeply enjoying the smell from the sulphur acids in your own flatulence. Looking directly at the sun while wearing bonogles will result in retinal cancer (retinoblastoma), though if you find yourself wearing bonogles, it is widely and strongly adviced that you go ahead and do it. A thorough study in this subject matter is done by the UDCA (Uncle Deercamp Culture Analysis Board)
The use of "bonogles" in a sentence:
"Bono is a pretencious piece of shit with suck ass songs, a dumb ass name, and I hope someone shoves those damn bonogles so far up his ass you can hear them clack on the back of his teeth."
by FleshlightPounder October 27, 2007
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