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cool calm collective
no matter what happend he stayed bonj even when he lost everything
by haterseatadic November 24, 2009
100 10
sexy, attractive,
she was bonj everyone wanted her

that young man is so bonj when he gets older it will be hard to keep the wives to keep there hands off of him
by melissasp November 24, 2009
100 15
me he had some great bonj it hadme high for like 3 hours from one hit
by europeassian November 24, 2009
102 18
cool, calm, steady
He had a bonj demeanor about him even in the worst times
by paully ss November 24, 2009
98 19
a shortform of the french word bonjour used to greet someone
amy: hey dave!
dave: bonj!
by niablufin July 21, 2008
55 15