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Also can be used as bonestormin' or bonestormed.
To have sex with a man, specifically when a woman targets a man's penis (aka bone) and storms that shit.
This is generally a targeted act, though it requires consent from both parties.
Chelsea totally bonestormed that cute mullet boy from the bar last night...he did not have a chance!

"That boy is a babe! I want to bonestorm him!" said Chelsea. "So you are gonna storm his bone?" asked Bonnie. "Yeah his bone in gonna get stormed!" exclaimed Chelsea.
by Chelsea_B December 10, 2009
A bone storm is a party or event where the ratio of female to male attendees is very low. Also known as a sausage party.
I went to this party last night and there wasn't a single girl there, it was a total bone storm!
by Phisherpryce February 17, 2009
The act of having sex with a random female
Dude, this girl wants it so hard, cumulus clouds are forming, there is a potential 6-8 inch bonestorm brewing on the horizon.

If it is with dark skinned island girl, It would be called a tropical bonestorm

other terms that can be used are "the eye of the bonestorm", and "the perfect bonestorm"
by lokimonster November 15, 2010

1. disproportional ratio of males to females in a given area
2. situation wherein 100% of the population is male
Are you ok? I didn't think you'd survive that bonestorm at Danny's party last night.

Oh, we passed sausage fest a looong time ago. What we have here is a bonestorm!
by realdealfunkyfresh January 18, 2011
Bone storm is to have sex with another person wildly.

Bone Storm is a reference to World Of Warcraft the first boss in Icecrown Citadel named Marrowgar has a special move called Bone Storm and he spins wildly about.
Dude I heard you were going to Bone storm that chick in your english class tonight?!
by Greybite April 25, 2010
A party where every girl is super hot. Every guy there has boners to spare.
I was at a bone storm last night. I didn't think I'd make it home without blowing my wad.
by lmnoplump May 15, 2011
1. The legendary phrase that is screamed from the undead mouth of Lord Marrowgar.
2. Lord Marrowgar - FIRIN' HIS LAZOR

Originated from World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King
Inside the Icecrown Citadel - The first major boss.
1. Dude, stay out of the fucking cold flame during Bonestorm!
by Soultar May 18, 2010
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