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girls pants worn by guys(emo kids). given the name for being so tight that it is clearly visable of when the emo kid has a boner. There for they are bonerpants
Ben: haha your wearing bonerpants
Justin: No, im being emo for halloween
Ben: yah but there bonerpants
Justin: well at least im not wearing a bra
by darkblackdove June 08, 2006
35 9
(n.) pants one (usually a guy) wears comfortably in his room or household and can comfortably have a boner in without tight resistance or any feeling of irritation; may be worn during duration of watching pornographic material or foreplay (usually with a girl) in a couch/living room or bed/bedroom scenario. these type of pants are usually one cherishes and washes about once a month.
Jack - Hey Jane, check out these new boner pants I got!!
Jane - WOW! Sweet boner pants Jack!
Jack - Yea, they are sweet. Too bad I have one testicle.
Jane - I like to punch babies.
by Arshak Z. March 29, 2006
269 69
A perverted guy who wears short pants in public and letting everyone easily spot his erection
Karl is a bonerpants,i dont socialize with him anymore
by Grigor September 01, 2005
43 27
Pants that make it look like you're sporting lumber.
I bought these jeans last week, but they were bonerpants, so I don't wear them anymore.
by Spike November 27, 2004
19 7
Pants that aren't tight at the top, so when the wearer sits down, it appears as if they have an erection.
This can lead to some pretty embarrassing experiences.
My girlfriend and I went out to lunch. I forgot not to wear to wear my boner pants, and now she thinks that she helped me achieve an erection. I'm not quite sure if this is a curse or a blessing, but at least she knows that I don't have a small penis.
by gavdawg262 January 24, 2010
69 76
Pants traditional worn by gay guys on the dance floor so they privates can be accessed by their dance partner(s) for hand job, BJ, or ....

Have crept into straight culture so couples can have sex in public places - elevators, subways, etc.

Pants usually have some easy way to attach the two flaps on material: buttons, velcro, string - no zipper. Underwear is not worn - but can be for more 'fun'. If vice squad in club, lack of secure attachment allows aliby - i.e. dancing so hard pants can apart. etc.
Wear your kilt tonight to the club for some fun. No, it's too cold out, I'll wear my boner pants instead.
by bruxisme July 24, 2012
11 25
noun. Pants that use tough fabric (jeans, khakis) and constantly look like said wearer has a boner. Jeans show this the most, especially whilst sitting.
Mom: Wow, Jimmy, looks like the new boner pants are doing their job!
Son (blushing, covering pants with shirt): Yes mom... uh, they sure are.
by Timmah, esq October 22, 2007
317 389