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1. a bonerjam is where individuals gather, as many would gather for a party or fiesta, and have so much fun dancing with each other to music that causes individuals to jam, or dance to, and in the process forcing the males to achieve a mind-blowing erection. Females can achieve a boner jam by developing increased hardening in their nipples and a moistness in their vaginal area. The difference between males and females is that the male must jam his boner into something and the female must have her vaginajammed with a boner. Out of this act a dish may be contrived, known as bonerjambalaya, with its roots in Creole culture. individual that sucks so hard at life that he dances, or jams, to music but he is such a loser, or boner that his dancing is referred to as a "bonerjam". Those dubbed "bonerjam" are never very popular with the general public.
1.Bryan and all his friends had such a fun time at the beach that when someone started blasting Lady Gaga, a bonerjam ensued, resulting in a very dirty and sandy bonerjambalaya that was left in puddles all over the sand.
2. Jessica walked into the class reunion and requested "Take on Me" by Ah-Ha and resulted in a horrific display of one of the greatest bonerjams, causing all who witnessed it to begin whipping cake at her in disgust.
by shukakke May 28, 2010
5 11
an exceptional scene culled from a pornographic film; the penultimate segment of a pornographic work

popularized by the film 'the 40-year old virgin' in which he is given a tape of sacred porno moments called "boner jams '03".
the second scene of jenna jameson's last film is all boner jam.
by phishy1 August 23, 2006
118 61
Music so good it could elicit sexual arousal.
The new We Came As Romans albums is chock full of bonerjams.
by lpvitus October 28, 2009
48 1
When something unintentionally goes wrong that isn't trivial or earth shattering. A shitty situation that can be humorous.
Larry: "After Ben nailed that nasty chick on Halloween he locked her out of his room forcing Ed to share his bed with her for the night..."
Jeff: "Bonerjam, dude."
by Summit Brother November 16, 2008
49 28
a collection of various porn scenes on a dvd or cd rom.
"I just made a boner jams that I can watch while on the plane to go to a business meeting."
by bobfuckupamust March 09, 2010
33 13
1. To physically prevent someone from getting an erection

2. A preservative made out of erect penises

3. To dunk a ball with a hard cock, as in basketball

4. To "jam" someone with a boner, as in the act of sex

5. To get an erect penis stuck in a copy machine, prompting the error message: "BONERJAM"
1. He thought he was going to get some, but I showed him a picture of his mom giving birth; major bonerjam!

2. I killed all of Los Angeles Lakers, and I'm going to make a sweet bonerjam from it.

3. You- "Dude, did you see how much air I got on that bonerjam?"
Friend- "Yeah bro you straight slammed that ball in with your cock!"

4. Friend- "You get with that girl last night?"
You- "Yeah dude I bonerjammed her all night."

5. God, I really need to use this copy machine, but this idiot went and caused a bonerjam.
by JackW. February 17, 2010
39 20
R&B songs or slow rap songs about sex, etc. Many of Usher's songs fall into this category.
I like to spend my time making funnel cakes and listening to boner jams.
by Detr May 16, 2013
8 1
a play list someone puts on thier computer, ipod cd, order to get in the mood.
"oh man, i invited that girl over last night."
"nice...did you score?"
"I just turned on the bonerjams, and it was game on."
by Dave Switzerland August 15, 2008
7 2