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1) bonerjam: is a painful condition which comes about when a man gets overzealous when thrusting during sexual intercourse and proceeds to completely exit the orifice and forcefully jams his erected penis against a non penetrable surface such as a taint or cheek. The word bonerjam can be used as either a noun or a verb depending on the context.

2) bonerjam: a party in which all participants must be willing to openly admit to having an erection as is the goal of the celebration. One important and necessary aspect of all bonerjams is that rap music with overly crude lyrics is constantly played at a very loud and pulsating volume.
1) "Ouch!"
"What was that, Honey?"
"Dammit, I just gave myself some serious bonerjam! God my dick hurts!"

2) Someone call the doctor, because this bonerjam is gonna last way longer than four hours!
by lukebond September 08, 2009

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