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a male's attempt to arouse a female by rubbing his throbbing erection against her body. Normally occurs during dry sex with a female who is a total prude
Danimal: "Dude, I totally bonerized your cousion last night."

Jeremy: "Is this before or after you took a shit in the urinal?"

Danimal: "It was after the Danimal doo dooed in the Margarita Ranch pisser."

Jeremy: "Hey Cade, lets go take pictures of your balls on Drew's face when he's passed out."

Danimal: "I'm going to bonerize Padgett next. Those hooker boots make my loins tingle."
by Danimal F. May 09, 2008
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verb, a male becoming aroused
At the sight of b00bz0rz, DuDeStEr59 became bonerized.
by stuntwill August 16, 2003
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To have sexual intercourse. The term originated from the SMBC web comic.
Laugh if you must, but biology is a lot more fun since we changed "mate" to "bonerize."

"Dude, check it out, your neighbors are bonerizing with the windows open!"
"Oh shit, let's go check it out!"
by Hayyoo February 22, 2012
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