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The past tense of bone up, meaning literally to have an erect penis, or figuratively to be aroused, excited, or enthused.
Damn, girl, you got me all boned up, and now I gotta tape it to my leg.
by JPT, cunning linguist December 02, 2007
To beocme ready and excited for something, to prepare for it. The literal meaning is to get a hard on, or erection which is a preperatory step for copulation.
figurative example- "Anton, are you all boned up for the three hour swim set?"

literal example- "She was disappointed that he couldn't get boned up, however hard he tried."
by uclabeachguy January 22, 2010
preggers, up the skyte etc
"fuck would you give her one", and the mate replies, "well i would, but i'd rather leave it for now, sure she got boned-up by mark deasly, he'd rip your head off if you went near her"
by steven winters January 11, 2007
To have a boner. An erection of the male reproductive organ.
Derek: Dan how do you live with Laura in this class?
Dan: What do you mean?
Derek: Aren't you constantly just boned up?
by PeacockRB April 10, 2015
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