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A situation in which boning is damn near certified guaranteed, ya feel me?
E: "What are you up to tonight?"
R: "Headed to the bone zone."
E: "Ma nigga"
by DJPajamas November 03, 2013
1. The zone a guy gets in when he does something that deserves sex.
2. The zone a guy gets in when a girl wants to have sex with him.
1. "So he bought me 2 dozen pink roses. I guess he's is the bone zone"
2. "I haven't seen my boyfriend in a month now. When he gets back he is definitly in the bone zone."
by TinkerCakes November 03, 2012
state of arousal; having a boner.
As much as i hate to admit it, the naked parts in
Schindler's List brought me to the bone zone when we watched it in class.

by jizzellaa December 03, 2006