The partner in a man on man relationship that is more commonly known as the catcher or receiver.
Dude: Was that old guy hitting on you, bro?

Bro: Yeah, he must be a bone smuggler from way back
by adamit73 December 05, 2013
one who smuggles bones in his/her ass
your mother smuggles more bone than a pit bull
by justin case December 04, 2003
One who smuggles bone.
(See also bone smuggling)
Tim was horrified to find out the prostitute was a bone smuggler.
by Lunchbox March 28, 2003
A person, male or female, who enjoys provide oral favors to men. Also, a gay male.
Dude, Richard Simmons is a bone smuggler. He spends 30% of his day on his knees!
by VinylCatfish August 25, 2006
Look under Dennis Skeete
I am in need food so I'd rather smuggle bones.
by Anti-Bone-Smuggler April 22, 2003

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