one who smuggles bones in his/her ass
your mother smuggles more bone than a pit bull
by justin case December 04, 2003
Top Definition
1. One who tries to smuggle another man's bone.
2. A homosexual. One who puts his penis in another man's ass.
3. A fugdepacker.
4. Fag
Garret Rustand is a bonesmuggler.
by the prophet June 26, 2003
someone who likes recieving anal sex, not necessarily a homosexual, but more often than not!
Take a rest and relax, you fuckin' bone smuggler!
by NEGROTIC BICKWOW February 12, 2003
Referring to a gay, bisexual person, a person who likes anal.
Bone Smuggling is the art of a BONER being Smuggled into the rear of another being. Therefore, Smuggling the bone(r).
Guy: Hmm, I'm a Bone Smuggler
Girl: Aiii PAPI!!! Smuggle that bone all you want!
by Full Service November 14, 2006
someone who has sexual intercourse with someone else currently dating a third party.
So if Bridget and Robert are dating and Bridget and Marty are boning, then Marty is the smuggler, Brigdet is the smugglee, and Robert is getting smuggled. Marty is bone smuggler.
by Jon Ringo September 22, 2006
A transvestite. A man dressed as a woman...thus the "Smuggling of the bone."
You can find "Bone Smugglers" @ "Drag Shows"....
by mxlplyx February 01, 2009
A male homosexual.
The New York Post got into a lot of trouble recently with a story insinuating that ex-Dodgers pitcher Sandy Koufax might be a bone-smuggler.
by Anthony Brancato April 21, 2003
A male appearing in public dressed as a woman and trying to pass themselves off as a female.
Woody's foot slipped in the hot tub, only to find out that Shantal was bone smuggler. Example 2: Rumor is: Lady Gaga is a bone smuggler.
by LadyJean January 14, 2010
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