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An alcoholic drink made by combining 1 part raspberry flavored vodka (e.g. UV Blue) and 3 parts lemonade.
She ordered a bombsicle because she likes mixed drinks.
by Tessa33 November 27, 2011
4 0
A large block of ice broken of during ice climbing.
Endangering anyone below. especially your climbing partner.
Has a tendency to break up on it's way down and becomes a MIRVsicle
Leader shouts loudly "ICE!!!!!!!".
A moment later 'Dude you still alive?"
Belayer repies "That bombsicle just missed me"
by rocknice2 January 04, 2012
0 0
totally off the hook, uber cool, the hippest thing on the block, spunk
That terodactyle ginger over there is off the bombsicle chart
by Rmiller March 29, 2009
3 6
Top quality dank shit
That sack I picked up was bombsicle
by boefresh May 16, 2004
2 5