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An alcoholic drink made by combining 1 part raspberry flavored vodka (e.g. UV Blue) and 3 parts lemonade.
She ordered a bombsicle because she likes mixed drinks.
by Tessa33 November 27, 2011
A large block of ice broken of during ice climbing.
Endangering anyone below. especially your climbing partner.
Has a tendency to break up on it's way down and becomes a MIRVsicle
Leader shouts loudly "ICE!!!!!!!".
A moment later 'Dude you still alive?"
Belayer repies "That bombsicle just missed me"
by rocknice2 January 04, 2012
totally off the hook, uber cool, the hippest thing on the block, spunk
That terodactyle ginger over there is off the bombsicle chart
by Rmiller March 29, 2009
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