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Something that is badass. Used alot in the early 1990's.
Dude, Skoal is the bombdigity
by Chris norris February 28, 2005
Extremely awesome.
The shiznit.
Describing someone or something that is amazing.
A very cool person, someone you idolize.
"wow you just gave me fifty dollars for no reason,"
"well, yeah... I am the bombdigity"

"this pie is the bombdigty, its got whipped cream and everything"

by Michele M. <3 June 14, 2008
Often used by non-poser smokers to refer to something to a higher level of cool. A Step up from "Bomb" or "Bombtastic".
That concert was so "Bombdigity". It was the best one I've been to in a long time!
by Nightcore June 03, 2010
80"s lingo for awsome
Dude that movie was the bomb digity

Quadricus juniorstein: Yo my niggy, it be dat bombdigity
by none mainstream dude February 13, 2015
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