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Bombastic: Grandiloquent, pompous speech or writing

Bastard: (Slang) A person, especially one who is held to be mean or disagreeable.

Those defs are from the dictionary, now combine them and you have a bombastard.

If you want to see an example, go to any law school and listen for someone in the lounge/ library/ class that is throwing random latin phrases, improperly, into his/her speech. A bombastard is quick to point out any percieved flaw in anyone else's ideas, and believes him/herself to be perfect. Argues with professor, claiming the professor's interpretation of the article, which THAT PROFESSOR wrote, is wrong. Arrogant, annoying, wastes time pontificating.
jim is such a bombastard, he annoys the fook out of me
by the Mad Shatter April 29, 2005
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