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1. To fail, to perform poorly.

2. To be rejected.
1. Tom was afraid that he was going to bomb out on his math test.

2. John bombed out when he asked Jane on a date.
by Libertine September 28, 2009
In Mountain Bike terms to ride very fast and recklessly over difficult terrain.
"Whoa dude! Let's go Bomb-out at Whistler this weekend"
"That'd be just swell Frank"
by Ie August 01, 2007
v.i. to become extremely high
Hey, wanna hang out after work? We can bomb out.
by __steena February 11, 2010
very cool

originated in the 1980's
Those sunglasses are bomb out! You have to get them.

Wouldn't a snow day during finals be the perfect bomb out?!


you got an A? Bomb out!
by miss elis March 31, 2008