verb, to go down a hill fast on a skateboard
Let's go bomb that hill.
by Mad Dog Mari May 21, 2005
Phat or hardcore rhymes to be dropped.
We drop bombs like we in the Middle Eas'...
by capitan October 31, 2004
Iman Europe. now that's bomb. atomically bomb I'll say.
dang she looks like Iman! lil mama is bomb.
by weezie f ladie May 07, 2008
very attractive/ "hott"
That guy over there is sooo bomb!
by ADRiTHATSMEE October 23, 2007
1) (n) an explosive device
2) (n) a total failure
3) something that was exceedingly good (used with 'the')
4) slang for an 'E' pill (short for e-bomb)
5) term for being excessivly drunk or high
6) (v)to tag a building (graffitti)
7) a major announcement usually of heavy nature
1)there was a bomb in the building
2)that movie was a bomb
3)that movie was 'the bomb'
4)we got some bombs at the party
5)i was bombed last night
6)i bombed that tunnel last week.
7)she dropped a bomb on me
by fulltilt monkey August 14, 2007
stands for Bounce
did that bird BOMB you last night?
by egroeg June 13, 2007
orgasmic experience, pleasing to your satisfaction.
guy 1: dude is it true that you screwed my mom?
guy 2: FUCK yeah bro, that pussy was BOMB
by bombhead January 02, 2007
to literally beat down a person or persons down to the ground.
I'm gonna bomb that nigga if he don't recognize.
by almighty E November 06, 2006

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