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v: to create, to invent, to collaborate, to multitask, to keep your eye on many balls, to be able to juggle many balls, to juggle, to handle pressure gracefully, to guarantee happy endings; to be divinely inspired.

n:people of action, no-nonsense action takers, creative types, creative inspiration, divine inspiration, irreverence, sass,

adj: inventive, productive, creative, saucy, inspired, irreverent, accomplished, savvy, fulfilling, sassy, spirited,
She's a real bolyoly. Don't event think about getting in her way.

He bolyolyed all night long; by the next day, his graffiti, his calling card, was the talk of the town.

It was a bolyoly day; I painted, wrote a song, and called my mother while making a soup.

It's all fun and games until someone bolyolys.
by shirls November 18, 2011

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