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A worse-than-normal open source evangelist who wants to destroy Microsoft and uses open source software so he can be labeled 'different'. It is suspected that if BSD had a 95% market share, he would immediately switch to Windows. Very egotistical and always extremely condescending, like many of his ilk.
<some guy> What's a good defragmenting program for XP?
<boltsky> use BSD newb, you dont need to defrag FFS fucktard
<neutraleyes> shut the fuck up boltsky, get diskeeper someguy
<neutraleyes> wow, a new opera release is out! I feign surprise for the purpose of this italicized example!
<boltsky> use firefox you fucking idiot, it's way better, i am a complete tool
<boltsky> wait, i just read that firefox has more than 2% market share
<boltsky> use lynx you fucking moron, graphics are for dicks
<boltsky> heil hitler
by sharphardware September 15, 2005
What a faggot
Boltsky, the faggot, one day was sucking so much dick he swallowed a man
by What a faggot! May 27, 2003
nacho's devoted lover and admirer
boltsky am sex the nach
by nacho March 24, 2003
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