Bolton (near Manchester) is a dirty, smelly, shit hole of a "multi cultural" town with a rubbish university and a council who don't give a crap about anything.

The majority of the town is occupied by Pregnant Teenagers, Chavs, Council Houses and general idiots.

It still bemuses one how it wasn't granted city status.

The only thing credible about the town is it produced Peter Kay and shamefully that gawky bastard Vernon Kay.
Me: "I need to get out of Bolton pronto or else I'll hang meself"

Me: "The train station has seen better days, it stinks of piss".

Brendan "Yeah, the council said they'd refurbished it, but they only changed the toilet paper".
by tommyhaych October 05, 2006
1. Slang term for a pair of breast implants that look unnatural, rock-hard and "bolted" onto their owner's chest much like the stiff, painful looking screws that were bolted on to the side of Frankenstein's neck in the classic horror film. This "bolted-on" look typically happens because of what is called capsular contraction. Capsular contraction is when scar tissue forms in the chest cavity and tightens around the implant(s), making the breast(s) hard and unnatural looking. The "bolted-on" look can also occur when extremely large breast implants are inserted into someone without enough fatty tissue in the breast area. "Bolt-ons" do not look natural. All bad boob jobs where it's obvious that the person has implants can be referred to as "bolt-ons".

2. A messed up boob job.

3. Cause for a malpractice suit.
"That chick's boob job doesn't look so good. It looks like she's got two rocks in her shirt."
"Yeah, those are a serious pair of bolt-ons."

by VeNaCE November 09, 2006
A nice pair of fake titties
"wow, samantha sure has some nice bolt on's"
by bluntbuster October 13, 2004
big, fake ass titties!!
look at the bolt-ons on that stripper!
by Thumper February 27, 2003
fake breasts or artificial implants.
by VAKI5 November 02, 2003
The act of simply bolting on a part. No fabrication required. A procedure that offers ease of installation.
Snow Whites engine consist of readily available bolton parts.
by David Lott July 05, 2005
After-market body parts. Fake boobs, titties, breasts. The faker the better. Bought them right off the rack at the store. Easy install: No cutting or welding required. JUST BOLT 'EM RIGHT ON!
Hey dude. Bolt-ons 12 o'clock.
Yeah man. She must have picked those up in the Oversize Parts dept at Boobs "R" Us.
by soulsurfer18 August 05, 2008
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