A slang term for a cigar filled with marijuna, also known as a blunt.
Hey dog, let's smoke this bollo.
by Ted Stryker June 06, 2007
Top Definition
extremely drunk
john was completely bollo at the gig last night, he fell asleep on the jacks floor with his pants around his ankles
by shplah September 21, 2010
The hole between a ladies legs. Its a spanish slang.
Oye el bollo de esa mujer esta grande-
(Meaning- Yo that lady has a fat pussy- in spanish
by Orly420 October 11, 2003
slang term for the word bollocks which can also be spelt bollox. Bollo then comes from the fact that an 'x' at the end of the word should be silent, for example the word gateaux.
Shit man, we got no smoke tonight.
by Bizarroal January 19, 2006
Bollo is an anthropomorphic ape who has been portrayed as inept yet immensely strong on the BBC show The Mighty Boosh. He is also Naboo's familiar, plays the drums and DJs at Fabric. His catchphrase is "I've got a bad feeling about this...".
Vince: Bollo's playing at Fabric tonight. It's gonna be brilliant!

Howard: Do you think we can join him for a crimp?
by pablito bandito April 20, 2010
Individual bowls, or doses... of crack, sold on the streets, or in crack houses, for a quick fix.
I know a guy that sells fat bollos for five dollars....
by Yian August 08, 2007
Attractiveness of someone. It is said by Colombian people on the coast.
It may be remarked as vulgar.
"Omg you're such a bollo"
"Thank you! You're so nice."
by mafo March 13, 2014
A womens Vagina
(Pussy, Cunt,)
Also a pastry eaten in Mexico.
That a nice Bollo.
I am gonna buy some bollo at the Bakery
by ART July 07, 2003
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