Being stupid/dumb and also sometimes fat
jem decided that she would be a bo jangler if she really ate the whole box of oreos

i mean, look at her..
by tae March 14, 2005
Top Definition
Wasting time doin' random shit
Me: Yo, where Bob at? wasn't he supposed to be here?

Other guy: Yea but he's bojangling, he'll be here soon
by masterpuppy July 21, 2010
If a person lacks in any motive.
stop Bojangling on that bowl!
by dankaroo December 26, 2010
Fetish act of inserting ones testicles into the anus. Can be done to yourself, or a third party can be involved.
Man: "Bojangle me, bitch"
Woman: "What are you talking about?!"
Man: "Stuff my balls into my ass...right now!"
Woman: "Oh! Is that what that what we did to Lewis Atkinson at the party? I didn't know it was called Bojangling."
by Ben & Drew November 07, 2013
1 to chill out
2 casually make your way somewhere.
so what have you been up to?
oh you know, just bojangling

i'll just bojangle my way on over to student union for a grilled cheese.
by Pachunka April 26, 2006
Being stupid
Dont be bo jangling, come help me!
by ghty July 03, 2003
Usually referring to a "bo-legged" walk.
Dude #1: Why is that guy walking so funny?
Dude #2: Yeah, he is bojangling. It's pretty funny.
by kxman August 01, 2011
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