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Boi dyke, like a Butch dyke, but still have attributes of femininity. In other words, androgynous.

A Boi Dyke is butch and feminine, can be mistaken as a male or female.
Shane McCutcheon from the L Word is an example of a Boi Dyke.
by Genocidalwings September 21, 2006

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A cross between the words boi and dyke. A lesbian who acts and dresses like a young boy, sometimes a very effeminate boy.

Boidykes usually identify as female, and do not always identify as transgender. Note the differences between identifying between a boy and a boi

Being a boidyke is different to being butch. Where as being butch is usually seen as 'man of the house' type thing, boidykes are more like young boys, in the playful, carefree type of way.

As boidykes are usually fairly androgenous, it is generally considered that if they were biologically male, they would be considered feminine for their gender.
Sophie is a lesbian who wears boys clothing and has hair like Justin Bieber. She is a tomboy, but if she was a guy most people would think she was gay. She is a boidyke.
by Maxxi_o June 16, 2010