used in London by youts who are espeically into UK garage and Grime. When someone implys that another person is a boi, he/she is saying that the victim is a pussy or in other words a "shook up bitch"
boy 1 - "who's dat boi!?"
boy 2 - "oh yeah! he's the one that got beat up by some 9 year old"
boy 1 - "hahah wat a BOI!"
by ill ting breh June 20, 2005
it means my friend
aight boi
by ur mum September 29, 2003
Tariqtheindian likes sweaty balls
Yo i was up in dis gurls grill tha other nite... and my gurl was like: hey babye can I buy u dinner and she said... the f outta here boi
by Tariqtheindian April 13, 2005
say it like you see it,it can mean anything.. it is the correct way to spell the word boy. it doenst really have a definition
hey boi, what are you doing boy, hell yeah boi,
by chris a-k-a denthead April 05, 2006
is not about some homo dudes, it's the cool way of putting boy. do not argue will me.
by SexyMcGee2 August 18, 2008
An Spanish-English Way of Spelling Boy! (Nothing to do with being gay or lesbian, just a cool/differnet way of spelling the word) Can also be used for saying it if you live in the ghetto or If your Latin i.e. Italian & South American or Asian.
Well im happly married with 3 children and i still spell boy like boi...
Guarda Questa Boi! Look At This Boi! Hey Honey This Boi Is Different!
by Govanni March 17, 2006
Super hot Cambodian who loves white chicks with blond hair, namely Stephy.
"Wow, that guy was so hot, he almost rated as high as Boi"
by Sopheap January 26, 2005

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