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Capital of Colombia. See Colombia.
Bogota is the shit!

Doug Liman should've done a Google search before filming Mr. and Mrs. Smith
by Luizza June 28, 2006
is the capital city of Colombia,Known as the Athens of South America Bogotá is Colombia's largest economic center full of culture unique in mixed of music museums and home of festival of theatre Bogotá the biggest festival of theater of the world Bogotá is a beautiful city full of diversity
bogota is the capital of colombia a beutiful city
by BOGOTA COLOMBIA February 21, 2009
Capital of Country Colombia
Carlos arrived in the capital of Colombia, Bogota.
by Waffer February 02, 2004
The capital of the province of Colombia, located in Mexico.
Lets go to Bogota and get some tacos.
by anonymous12341234 January 18, 2008