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The word is usually used as an insult. Mostly as a synonym for whore. Very popular on the Balkans.
Get off me Bogi or I will smack you up.
by Petkan January 28, 2006
Noun:someone who is bogus in more than one way. plural of bogus.

Verb: the act of being bogus
Adjective: term used to describe numerous bogus actions
"your mother is dumb AND short"

"man u bogi as eva"

Girl: He doesn't have a girlfriend. and he has no friends.
The guy: That's so bogi.

Guy: you hear what anthony said about him? and he didn't even say sorry.

Other guy:That shit's bogi.
by blah blah blarg November 07, 2010
big overweight stinky italian
That bitch that got sucked up by a dog is a bogi.
by ab February 19, 2005
Bogi - Melbourne ethic slang adjective to describe unapproval.
That was bogi, bad, beyond.
by Your Off November 04, 2003