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The #2 cause of overpopulation in America
28 year old fat gir with 10 kids living in an apartment in Atlantic City: Shit i need a beer. Oh well, time to find a guy to get me pregnant again so I can afford it. More kids equals more welfare
by Abix June 03, 2005
Someone from the country of Mexico. The state of being a Mexican has nothing to do with the amount of money one makes, although it is truth that many people from this nation work for little pay.
He/she is a Mexican, born or having a family background in Mexico
by Abix June 02, 2005
When your eyes bug out, your face crunches up all funny looking and you're like what the fucking hell?!?!
"Oh my god! I just saw a monkey own some guy in Natural-Selection with a knife!" - SomeRandomGuy

*boggle* - Abix
by Abix December 09, 2003
The best friends of the people of America
Eric from the IRS gave me a call and we had a very long and very fun conversation... for him
by Abix June 03, 2005

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