1. Someone who isn't trustworthy

2. Verb: To steal/To trick

Comes from the Air Force term of enemy fighter planes.
Don't trust him, he's a bogey..
by lukobangbang December 13, 2011
Any guy that MAY be hitting on the girl you're interested in or dating, but they may be engaging in innocent chatter. Bogeys usually appear in a party or club setting.

If its with a girl you're interested in, but not dating, a wingman is recommended when intercepting, just in case the bogey is indeed hitting on the girl and you need to get him away with maximum success with the girl.

If its with a girl you're dating, a lone intercept with the bogey is sufficient with few exceptions. One exception is when the bogey is a B-52.
Wingman: Bro, I think we've got a bogey here

Leadman: Yeah, you're right. It looks like they're hitting it off. I'm gonna intercept.

Wingman: I'll back you up.

Leadman: No need bro. I'll let him know she's dating me and he'll back off.

Wingman: Dude, look at his Louis Vuitton suit. He's definitely a B-52.

Leadman: Damn, you're right. Come on, let's make our move.
by The Nataraja January 04, 2011
small self built gocart. usually built from old prams wheel axels, rope and pieces of old wood in the 50´s & 60´s. typical south manchester (uk) dialect. built by kids for summer fun.
me and our kid built a crackin bogey!
by jo90 July 04, 2010
Bogey or bogie has several meanings including:
A: Bodily mucus in the nostrils.
B: A golf score.
C: Nickname for American actor Humphrey Bogart.
D: Chassis or framework holding the wheels of a train.
"I'm a great fan of locomotives. Show me a bogey and I'm in paradise".
by Stormsworder April 05, 2009
a reference and a play on words in reference to Bogan

Bogey is a negative happening, pubic dispute or annoyance caused by persons that fit the description of a Bogan; otherwise known as an uncultured, cheaply clothed, VB intoxicated, cheapo blue singlet, smelly thong (flip flop), loudmouth hillbilly/redneck lower-class australian
"well TICKLE ME NADS... Bazza! mate... get a load a these funny looking bastards having a bogey on Bronson's front lawn!"
by P1MPNU January 21, 2010
An extra email sent immediately following a first that was supposed to contain an attachment, but was forgotten.

Deriving from the golf term for an extra stroke over par.

RE: Ooops. Sorry, I forgot to attach the document.
by Mike Polcaro March 07, 2008
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