When you're playing 2 on 2 in Super Smash Brothers (The good one, Which is the original for N64) and your team loses. The person usually with less kills or if he/she stole one of your lives and couldn't make shit happen gives up the controller. If both losing teammates have the same amount of kills which is usually because they were "Man Kinged" (See definition) They must have a Bog Off. This is a one a one with the two losing teammates using the same characters they had when they lost playing with one life on the level dreamland. The one who loses gives up the controller.
Me and my friend lost on peaches castle, using kirby and ness, we had the same amount of kills! now we have to have a Bog Off at dreamland. I'm not giving up my controller!
by ShaneB October 31, 2010
A word upper-middle-class kids that are up their own arse use to say 'fuck off' or 'piss off' because they are too posh to swear. It is thought, by most cool enough people to be the single worst way to tell people to go away.
"Oh my gosh! Wasn't 'Casualty' good last night?"
"No, 'Casualty' is boring and poncey."
"Bog off!"
by Tagzz January 05, 2006
This is abother word used for the shop saying ' Buy one get one for free '
B=Buy O=One G=Get O=One F=For F=Free
Buy One Get One For Free = BOG OFF

Deal,Get Lost,Go away,Half Price,Cheap
Also commonly known as the insult to go away
by Joe S Taylor July 16, 2006
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