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The WRONG way to spell Billie Joe Armstrong. Click the link to see the correct definition of the way the word should be spelt
"I think Billy Joe Armstrong is really fit!"
"Man! It's Billie Joe, and it's about the music."
Presumeably this was written on notes and not said.
#billie joe armstrong #adrienne armstrong #adrienne nesser #green day #greenday
by Tagzz January 27, 2006
A word upper-middle-class kids that are up their own arse use to say 'fuck off' or 'piss off' because they are too posh to swear. It is thought, by most cool enough people to be the single worst way to tell people to go away.
"Oh my gosh! Wasn't 'Casualty' good last night?"
"No, 'Casualty' is boring and poncey."
"Bog off!"
#go away #fuck off #piss off #posh #crusty
by Tagzz January 05, 2006
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