lead singer of nirvanas imaginary frined. he wrote his suicide note to boddah
r.i.p. kurt cobain. "to boddah..."
by jdskfth August 29, 2006
Top Definition
The imaginary friend of Kurt Cobain, lead singer and guitarist for Nirvana. When Kurt was a kid, he was the prime suspect for the torture of his neighbor's cat, but when asked about it he said that Boddah did it. Also, Kurt Cobain never wrote a suicide note to Boddah, or any suicide note for that matter. If you were to read into it, the suicide note had no mention of him killing himself or anything about suicide until the end, but the end had a different handwriting than Kurt's. Also, Courtney Love was found with handwriting samples of Kurt's and what looked like practice hand writing of hers that matched that of the suicide note. Also, how is someone with that much heroin in their system supposed to be able to have the coordination to pull a shotgun trigger with their foot with their shoe on? MURDER!
Kurt Cobain had an imaginary friend named Boddah
by J.T. Torrence September 24, 2007
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