Abbriviation for 'Body Modifications'
Sometimes extreme, modifications done to the body.


- Branding
- Corsets
- Implants
- Peircings
- Pulling
- Scarification
- Shaping
- Stretching
- Subdermal Implants
- Suspension
- Tattoos
- Tongue Splitting
- Transdermal Implants
Chick 1: Did you see that guy at Hot Topic?!
Chick 2: Yea, weird bod mods huh?!
by Carmen D. February 04, 2006
Top Definition
Abbreviation for 'body modification'.

Some people are addicted to bod mods.
by Pepperidge April 14, 2005
Short for body modification. Includes things such as cuttings, piercing, scarifications, tattoos, nullas, resculpturing, implants, etc...
Marilyn Manson's iris color removal, painting each other's bodies with blood, and ball bearing implants in the penis are all examples of bodmod.
by pix January 27, 2004
Any kind of cosmetic body enhancement, e.g. breast implants, face lift, rhinoplasty, etc.
Craig: "Do you think those tittays are fo' real?"

Fed: "No way man, that chick got some bod mods, straight up."
by tobiased July 10, 2008
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