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When a married man "borrows" another woman's (besides his wife's) body parts for purely selfish sexual acts. Also known as cheating except commiting a "bocutti" is not specific to intercourse and is a selfish sex act. ANY sort of sexual act, with ANYBODY BUT your wife. Borrowing a woman's body for a brief sex act(oral, hands, intercourse, web-caming, sexting, cybering, etc) only. It can also include using said experience later for thought during masturbation. Must be free otherwise you're just getting a hooker, but it is okay to treat the female like a hooker.

Can be used as a noun or a verb.

strange, cheating, etc.
Dude! I pulled a bocutti on some random chick at work today on lunch break.

My wife's out of town this weekend, I have got to get some fresh bocutti!
by Tricky Chick November 06, 2010
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