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Modern hi-NRG trance DJ sensation, reached international fame for debut album 'Scratchin for Ryoko'.
Hey man, forget those playoff tickets we're going to see DJ Bob-b at the civic!
by DigitallyImported March 26, 2003
stands for "Big 'ol beast bitch"

A female that is so large she cannot be described any other way.
friend: holy crap, that chick is huge!

me: yea, she's a BOBB.
by pootcacti March 27, 2009
An acronym standing for: Beeotches of Beeotch Beach. A polite way to refer to vaguely creepy people who seem to travel in groups. They are marked by their tendency to inter-date among themselves, switching partners and sexual preferences at will. They are accepting of everyone but require compliance with their strange emotionally damaging practices. Usually found in dark corners of highschool campuses.
Joey: I was walking to science today and I saw Sally in the corner making out with Suzy. I thought she was dating Mark last week!!!

Jacob: Yeah man, don't even bother. They're all just BOBB, just let them be. You don't even want to know the things they do to eachother.

Joey: Creepy.
by Comradski June 22, 2008
a typo when trying to type boob
i accidently typed bobb instead of boob, its cuz im perma fried ass hole
another name for pimp shit. he is everyones bitch
hey Bobb you still give head?
by Big Fino April 24, 2003
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