A man, who had a dream about a man, who called himself Bob Dole, alot.
Bob Dole likes Bob Dole hear Bob Dole say Bob Dole. Bob Dole!
#bob dole #president #conseded #basterd #douche
by Eric McDouché February 02, 2008
Impotence; inability to get or sustain an erection. From former senator Bob Dole's admissions to erectile "difficulties" while commercial spokesman for Viagra.
I wanted to tap this hoochie yesterday but got the bob doles when I saw that hairy vag.


I was so drunk I got the bob doles and couldn't perform.
#impotence #ed #erectile dysfunction #softie #unhard
by YupJimmy1 December 30, 2005
Bob dole, bob dole, bob dole bob dole bob dole, bob dole, bo---b do---lleee, bob d---*snores*
Watch Family Guy, thats a great part.
by ButtholeBob July 14, 2004
Mass spam, or annoying.
"Hey Joe! You gonna BobDole anyone today?"
#bobdole #annoy #spam #mass spam #bobdoel #bobdloe
by H4XG33K May 02, 2010
God, Bob Dole is the Dark Lord. When he perishes he will lay at rest for nine solemn days while the whole world shalt mourn and finally the Dark Lord will rise to power once again and cock-slap bill clintons hairy grandmother. Bob Dole is simply the man whom has almighty powers over the world. In short, Bob Dole is a scenile old coot who speaks in third person.
Bob Dole likes to eat Linzer Tarts Bob Dole Bob Dole.
#god #jesus #the peoples champ #awesome-o #shrimp
by jar jar bates January 24, 2007
Bob dole is a seamonster.
He lives in the 4-H pond.
Bob dole is slimy and green.
He will eat your boat.
#bob #dole #sea #monster #walrus
by The Almighty Walrus March 14, 2009
Bod Dole is the man. He was in a Pepsi commercial at his age, for crying out loud! If he had been the president in '92, Clinton wouldn't have been screwing the interns and making a mockery of the American Presidency.
Bob Dole knows it, the American people should have known it. --SNL skit
by Big Vince May 15, 2005
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