A douchebag , a player .
Thinks he's great , but isn't .
Captures the eyes of girls when first seen , but once they get to know the real him , they turn around and run .
Person 1 : What happened ? They broke up ?
Person 2 : Yes .
Person 1 : Why ?
Person 2 : He acted like a Boaz . Played her around . Flirted with other girls .
Person 1 : Oh .
by jenn . March 22, 2009
Top Definition
a person who is smart and everyone wants to be around. he is loved by everyone and he is a strong character in any friendship. The solver of problems and the man in anyones life
Person 1: "Who's that wonderful man over there?"
Person 2: "I dunno. He must be a boaz!"
by fantastic one January 13, 2010
A city in northern Alabama that has an outlet mall and a Super-Walmart.

Boaz is the poor man's Dothan.
by Boaz4life November 16, 2007
amazing guy, hot, muscular, makes everyone fall in love with him..
Bitch 1: yo how's that boaz?

Bitch 2: Dick is bomb
by BogasmOnU December 08, 2013
Another word for badass.
Person 1: Dude... I just got a nuke in COD!!!
Person 2: BOAZ!!


Person 1: Dude... my life sucks right now. My girl just dumped me, my car was broken into, and I am failing one of my classes.
Person 2: Man, it's times like these when you just gotta throw up your hands and say "boaz."
by boazthegreat October 12, 2010
Place where rednecks call there home,alot of people love to deer hunt & wear camo,& dip chewin is welcome!great trailer parks as well.
i wen daar huntin dis week,yee yahhh!go Boaz!
by wantstogetoutofboaz January 29, 2009
Boaz is a person that no one wants to be around. He is generally a type of person that like to eat lots of junk foods, such as doughnuts and other foods with high sugar content. If he is provoked, or looked at for extended periods of time, will retaliate by throwing whatever he can get his hands on. Usually has no friends.
Person #1: Hey do you see that kid over there? He doesn't look like he has any friends.

Person #2: Yeah I heard that he is a Boaz.

Person #1: Oh wow, I'm not going anywhere near him.
by b0bTh3Ripp3r January 29, 2012
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