Boaz is a person that no one wants to be around. He is generally a type of person that like to eat lots of junk foods, such as doughnuts and other foods with high sugar content. If he is provoked, or looked at for extended periods of time, will retaliate by throwing whatever he can get his hands on. Usually has no friends.
Person #1: Hey do you see that kid over there? He doesn't look like he has any friends.

Person #2: Yeah I heard that he is a Boaz.

Person #1: Oh wow, I'm not going anywhere near him.
#boaz #weird #unfriendly #junk #foods #throws #food
by b0bTh3Ripp3r January 29, 2012
A douchebag , a player .
Thinks he's great , but isn't .
Captures the eyes of girls when first seen , but once they get to know the real him , they turn around and run .
Person 1 : What happened ? They broke up ?
Person 2 : Yes .
Person 1 : Why ?
Person 2 : He acted like a Boaz . Played her around . Flirted with other girls .
Person 1 : Oh .
#boaz #baoz #player #ass #jackass #fag
by jenn . March 22, 2009
A fat ass bitch.
Boaz is a person who's really fat or really stupid.
#fat #bitch #miserable #fag #smelly
by yenotik December 06, 2008
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