Place where rednecks call there home,alot of people love to deer hunt & wear camo,& dip chewin is welcome!great trailer parks as well.
i wen daar huntin dis week,yee yahhh!go Boaz!
by wantstogetoutofboaz1 January 29, 2009
A douchebag , a player .
Thinks he's great , but isn't .
Captures the eyes of girls when first seen , but once they get to know the real him , they turn around and run .
Person 1 : What happened ? They broke up ?
Person 2 : Yes .
Person 1 : Why ?
Person 2 : He acted like a Boaz . Played her around . Flirted with other girls .
Person 1 : Oh .
by jenn . March 22, 2009
A fat ass bitch.
Boaz is a person who's really fat or really stupid.
by yenotik December 06, 2008

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